The finest materials, the most precise manufacturing methods, the greatest attention to detail and over 86 years of experience have all come together to create our finest product.

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Over 86
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There is always room for improvement and so we have continued to push the boundaries between practicality and design to ensure our products make light work of any task, because we know that your time is precious.


One of the most difficult things for even accomplished DIY painters is to achieve a neat line, keeping control of bristles when cutting in where a wall meets a door or architraving, or where a wall meets the ceiling. You can either use masking tape, with the possible risk of ripping any wallpaper or delaminating plaster, or you can rely on your skill to get a neat line which can take some practice.

Now here's a bit of a trade secret, professional painters will never really use a brand new brush to paint really intricate or detailed areas where a straight line is required, because they are difficult to control. As you can see from the brush on the right, this is a professional painter's brush which has been worn down over years of use, much like a fountain pen or even a new pair of shoes would mould to it's user. It is this shape that provides exceptional control and you can see why here.

It is easy for a professional painter to experience the benefits of a worn in brush quite quickly with regular use but for a DIY painter, painting every now and then, it could take as much as 10 years. So to enable you to experience this from first use, we have pre-worn this brush in for you. The choice of filaments, the length and the shape have all been carefully considered to provide you with greater control and a finish you can be proud of.

Not only that, but with the lifetime aftercare service that accompanies this range you can paint to your heart's content, safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens, your brush is covered for life. So if you've found that one paint brush that you can rely on, that you know delivers the best control and finish for the most important areas in your home and will continue to do so, why would you buy another?

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Handcrafted by Experts
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never buy another

We see this as your investment in one of the finest paint brushes available, a tool you can rely on and that can be passed on from one generation to the next, providing the best performance for years to come.

The Harris Never Buy Another is a superior performance range of paint brushes with patented DOUBLE DOME TECHNOLOGY ™ and a lifetime service. Our promise to you, no matter what, is that if your brush is not performing at it's best, we will provide a complimentary service, repair or replacement, for life.

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